Thursday, June 14, 2012


Everyone wants to know how we're doing here in California. I think what most people really want to know is how am I doing without seeing my mom everyday?! Well I definitely miss her and the rest of my family for sure, but surprisingly we love it down here! Brynnlee tells me that she loves it because it's always Summer here and never gets cold. Tayson likes it because we have a park right across the street and that's super awesome cool. (I don't think they realized we were just a few more feet away from the park in St. Anthony. Haha.)  So we really do love it here but of course miss our friends and family. I'm trying to convince my parents to move here ;) I mean people get shot here everyday! My dad would have plenty of business! Haha that's awful. But true.  I have now realized how spoiled I was to never have to take my kids to the store with me if I didn't want to, or to go on a date and always have a babysitter. But it's been fun to spend so much time as a family too. We just try to stay busy by going to the library, movies, lots of parks, out to eat, and whatever we can to get out of the house! Thankfully there are tons of things to do here so it'll keep us busy for quite a while!
 So there's a funny story that I need to put on here so I don't forget it. Brynnlee has a very anxious personality. You put her in certain situations and she freaks out. So I don't get to talk on the phone EVER because the kids are always screaming or fighting or laughing or just being loud. So you would think the logical thing to do would be to walk into another room to get away from that. Um... ya. Screaming, fighting, laughing, loudness follows you into the other room. So the other day I was on the phone with a lady about our insurance ( kinda important call ) and the kids are being loud so I put a movie on for them and went in my room and shut the door and lock it ( just in case they decide to try to come in and be noisy while I'm on the phone.) I swear they have ears like a dog and could hear that tiny click of me locking it from all the way down the hall. So immediately the kids run down the hall and start banging on the door. So I move all the way to the back of the bedroom into the bathroom and close that door so I can hear the lady. I get off the phone ( 4min. and 32 seconds later ) and there is someone knocking on my front door. Pounding with their fist would be a better explanation. I open the door and there is some guy... I think one of my neighbors at the door with Brynnlee who is red in the face and tears streaming down her cheeks. Sniffling. She had gone outside on our front lawn and SCREAMED ( we're talking panicked at the top of her lungs screamed )  "HELP!" over and over and over again until the guy ran over and asked her what was wrong. She told him that her mom had locked herself in her bedroom so she could talk on the phone and she couldn't get in. So he laughs and says he doesn't think he can help her with that but got her to calm down a little anyway.  A little embarrassing?... Nope. Just completely mortifying! He probably didn't know I was on the phone for less than five minutes. And I'm sure he didn't know that it was an important call and I wasn't just on the phone shooting the breeze with a friend. Ya. So I sat Brynnlee down and explained the story of the Boy who cried Wolf. She was very intrigued and I found her telling her brother that same story that night before bed. She said "So that's why we don't scream things that aren't true. Because then when we are telling the truth, people won't believe us. Ok Tays? So we don't do that." The funny thing is that I've locked myself in my room two other times while they were busy playing and I thought they wouldn't even notice.... and each time she stands outside my door and screams...." I'm going to go outside and scream Help! I really am! I'm going to scream Help again!" Haha so now the rule is they are allowed in the same room with me if I'm on the phone IF they are so quiet and don't even whisper. ( because lets be honest a kid whispering is like a regular person talking normally. ) And I am not allowed to go in my room and lock the door. EVER. And I'm not even allowed to close the door. EVER. Even if Austin is home. NEVER. EVER. Brynnlee made a deal with me that I can go in my room to talk on the phone but I have to leave the door open and she will help keep her brothers busy. But I'm not allowed to close that darn door for any reason! And if I lock it then she will go outside and scream HELP! Pretty funny.
Brynnlee shooting the fire hose at a ward playdate

Tays shooting the hose

Brynnlee refused to stand by me but still wanted to be in the picture

I love that they're holding hands!

First ride in a Fire Engine!

Brayden acted like it was no big deal even though we were driving down the road with the sirens on. He was totally chill! Ha.

The momma pine cone and the baby pine cone the kids found while camping.

Going to the library!

Taking a break from organizing the garage. It really does look a lot better than in this pic!

You've gotta have water balloon fights to cool down!

He kept biting the water balloons and getting so mad that he was soaking wet and his balloon was gone!

Cute Brynnlee
Having a picnic with Brynnlee's doll in the living room

Haha look at his face! He's such a goof!