Sunday, October 28, 2012


So my brother and sisters came at the beginning of Oct. for a little over a week so I figured I'd better blog about it! We didn't get as many pics and I would've liked but we had lots of fun! They flew in to LAX and Tosh got a rental car and drove the rest of the way to our house. They kids were SO excited that they came! Brynnlee had been promising me that she wouldn't fight with Chalese at all while they were here and she was right! That may sound funny.... but seriously those two have always been more like sisters and Brynnlee sure was the little sister who liked to push Chalese's buttons any chance she got! But Brynnlee thinks that the reason we moved is because she fought with Chalese so much..... we keep telling her we moved because Daddy got a job and we're really lucky he has his job that he really likes so we're going to stay here for a few years at least. But for some reason she still thinks it's because she used to fight with Chalese a lot and get into her stuff all the time!
 They were so cute. Chalese painted Brynnlee's nails and played with her non stop. Brynnlee loved having her "big sis" around again! They really have always had a special bond since Brynnlee was born and it's definitely been hard being away from home! The kids still say daily that they want to move back in to the blue house by Grandma and Grandpa Flamm's! Even though they get their own rooms here and we have a little more room! Tosh spoiled the kids AS USUAL, and Spence was a great buddy for Tayson to have around. He played ball with him and took him to the park and kept Tays from beating up on Brayden. Spence could definitely handle Tayson's craziness a little better than Brayden does! It was fun for Austin to have someone to play basketball with and play football on the play station..... cause I am so not in to doing either one of those things with him! The only hard part was that Brynnlee was in school all week and of course Austin worked so we weren't able to do as much as when my sister Maurcine came to visit but we still had fun together!

Picking Apples in Tehachapi (It's a town that is up in the mountains with about the same elevation as St. A! And it was a little chilly!) They even get snow in the winter!

We had to play at the park after picking apples

Cute park with faces cut out of a lot of the trees. They also had one shaped like a turtle and other faces

What kind of trip to California would it be without going to the beach?! This was Chalese's and Spence's first time seeing the ocean!

Austin taking Tays out into the waves and pretending he was going to throw him into the ocean

He threw a fit once he got back on shore. It was pretty funny!

Austin helping Chalese jump some of the waves

Playing badminton at the school

Sadly the best pic I got with Spence

My sister who's 16 1/2 years younger than me! She's growing up so fast! (But I'm still staying young right!?)

Three out of five sisters

Brayden still remembered Chalese! He was a little iffy about Tosh and Spence but he clung to Chalese!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Cuts and more Cuts

Why is it when things happen they happen all at once?! Last Thursday Brayden was in the kitchen and was standing on one of our kitchen chairs and he ended up tipping it over backwards. He fell with the chair and hit his chin on the back of the chair splitting it open. Awesome. Austin wasn't home from work yet so I was trying to clean it up and hold him still long enough to decide if he needed stitches or not. Well I couldn't get the little monkey to hold still so I finally just put a wad of gauze on it and a big bandaid and drove to Austin's work to pick him up so he could help me decide. It wasn't a very big cut but it was pretty deep in the very center of it and probably could've used a couple of stitches. But it was after six, and I didn't want to go to the ER so I ran to the store and bought some superglue. It took Austin, me and Brynnlee to hold him down to glue his chin. But we were fairly proud of ourselves once we finally got it done. We put some butterfly bandages on it also to  try and help it stay closed and called it good.
Once we got it to stop bleeding it actually didn't look too bad. It's hard to tell but it was a little swollen so between that  and his chub, it helped hold his skin together pretty good. Thank goodness!

Fast forward to Sunday and Brynnlee is helping me cut carrots for our salad for lunch. (She loves feeling like a big girl and helping me chop up different foods.) We got done with the carrots and were going to start on a cucumber. I went to grab the cucumber and Brynnlee looked at her knife and decided it had some carrot juice on it and she needed to wipe it off before cutting the cucumber. So she decided to wipe it on her hand! It was a brand new knife (well we got it for our wedding so not exactly brand new, but we had never used it before so it was very sharp!) She sliced her ring finger on her right hand pretty good. She of course starts freaking out just a little and dancing all over the kitchen getting blood everywhere. We grabbed some paper towels and my sister held it on her finger while I ran to get changed out of my dress. I called a Dr. in our ward to come look at it and tell us if we should take her in. If he didn't think it needed stitches I definitely didn't want to go sit in an emergency room on a Sunday afternoon! It looked pretty deep to me... but what do I know?! And I wasn't comfortable superglueing it cause it's a finger and you bend it and use it a lot and I figured it wouldn't stay. So the Dr. comes over and looks at it and says yup. Take her in. So we ended up being in the ER for three hours. They actually ended up using the skin glue which is like super glue only way thicker and completely AWESOME! But because it's so strong they had to make sure she didn't bend her finger for 24 hours for it to dry completely so they had to put a splint on her finger. But it was way better than stitches! The guy who did it actually plays basketball with Austin and told Austin he has some of that stuff at his house and suture stuff if we ever need to call him again and we won't have to sit in the ER for a few hours. Hopefully we won't need to but it's nice to have the offer just in case.
Bracelet from the ER
Exhausted after a long afternoon

Looking good after a few days

Then Tuesday Brayden split his chin open again but I guess if it isn't within 24 hours of the original split then they can't suture it. So we should've had his sutured in the first place but the guy who glued Brynnlee's finger told us to just keep it moist with some neosporin and keep clean bandages and it will heal up fine. It's going to be a little bigger of a scar now but hopefully he won't mind! It's right under his chin so shouldn't be very noticeable. We were just waiting for Tayson to break his leg or something since he is usually our accident prone kid. Nothing so far and we keep knocking on wood to make sure our streak is over for a while! 

He wasn't too happy it split open again.