Monday, June 22, 2009

Fun Stuff

Last weekend we went to the Manti pageant, and it was so good! The youth from our ward were going, and Austin was supposed to go since he's a leader but he had a class he couldn't miss, but Friday afternoon my friend Cari Johnson called me because her husband was also a leader and had left at six in the morning with all the youth. He had called her and said it had really only taken them about five and a half hours not the eight hours everyone had been telling them to plan on. So I called Austin after he got out of class and asked him if he wanted to drive to Manti in about an hour. So Austin, Cari, Tayson and I loaded up in my parent's Yukon and off we went. Brynnlee stayed with my mom thank goodness! We got down there about an hour before it started, and it was so amazing! Austin has never seen it before so it was fun to see it with him. My siblings Nathan and Maurcine were there too which made it fun. Austin bought a shirt and we got one for Brynnlee too. That night we stayed in Chase and Jessica Sessions' family cabin. Haha that was pretty interesting. There were forty youth, and only fourteen of them were girls! That's a lot of stinky teenage boys let me tell you! Or Jessica could tell you! We got up in the morning had breakfast, and were on our way back home. We stopped by my sister Keriana's and went out to eat with her, Jason, Ethan and my sister Natasha. It was a super short trip, but it was so much fun! I also had to post some pics of Brynnlee on her bike. Austin's grandma got this at a garage sale and we thought it was way too big for her cause all her friens have a twelve inch bike, this one is a sixteen inch and the first time we put her on it she couldn't go anywhere. The next day she said she wanted to ride her bike again and she would peddle this time. I didn't believe her at all, we just figured she would have to wait until next year to ride it. I got it out anyway and off she went! She's a pro at it! She is such a tall two year old. Everyone always thinks she's three. I just hope she isn't too tall that she has a hard time finding a guy taller than her! She definately has her dad's genes! And I also put a pic of Brynnlee and Tayson in my new stroller that I LOVE that Austin got me for my b-day. Hopefully with this baby I can lose those last few stubborn pounds from being pregnant!