Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What we do when it's hot

 I was looking forward to the heat when we left Idaho. I HATE being cold! But we went from one extreme to another! Here it is almost October and we're still having 100 plus degree days. I'm a little over it. Thank goodness we have awesome friends who have pools in their yards or I think we would D... I.... E.  A slow miserable HOT death. Some days I wonder if I actually have died and gone to Hell.... Seriously. Just walking across the street and down the block to pick up Brynnlee from school and we're all sweating to death. It's ridiculous. And gross... Anyway... here are some pics of Labor Day and Skyler's birthday party.

Brynnlee swimming at our friends the Olson's on Labor Day

Tays was so funny catching a ride with Ava doing all the work!

She seriously swam him around the pool over and over again. Apparently he's not much of a gentleman yet. We'll have to work on that!

Brayden was crazy in the water. He decided he loved swimming back and forth between Austin and me and if we weren't looking he was going to swim to us anyway.

So I got out and poor Austin had to entertain the little swimmer

I tried to get a pic of Brayden jumping in to Austin..
But kept missing it. Haha


This kid was a prune when he got out. I don't think his skin went back to normal until the next day!

So this is Isla Belle and she decided she liked Brayden's floaty thing. She also has no fear..... It was so hilarious to watch her run and jump off the diving board over and over again with this floaty.

Our friends the Tonks' had a birthday party for their little boy and the kids thought it was super awesome cool.

They didn't quite get the concept of the slip and slide though. They would run down it until the very end then try to slide.

Or drinking the water was just as fun.

They had tons of fun stuff in their yard. There was another little pool and a water hopscotch too!

So it was a Toy Story theme... and Janelle did Amazing! She had the cutest setup! I should've gotten pics of everything. But the kids thought it was such a cool party!