Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Brynnlee's Birthday

 Since my last post we've celebrated Brynnlee's birthday and the most exciting part for her was getting her ears pierced. Austin and I discussed this quite a bit especially the last few months since she's been begging us. At first we talked about having her wait until she is 8 but then we decided we wanted her 8th birthday to be about her baptism and not all the excitement to be about getting her ears pierced. Then we thought maybe 7 but with how much she's been bugging us and talking to her a lot about the responsibility of it and that it hurts, we decided to go ahead and let her get them done for her 6th birthday.  We decided to take her on the Saturday before her birthday to get them done since we figured her birthday would be pretty busy. We took her to the mall and it took a while to decide what earrings she wanted. By the time she finally decided a little girl had come in front of us and was going to get hers done first. I told Brynnlee... let's watch her get hers done! Haha big mistake. The little girl started crying and Brynnlee saw the little gun they used turned to me and said mom, I want to wait until I'm as old as Maurcine was when she got hers. Which was 16. Haha so we went back home and told her that was fine. We didn't want her to get them done if she wasn't ready. I don't think that poor little girl's mom told her it was going to hurt. She was pretty surprised. I had explained to Brynnlee that it hurts quite a bit and she asked if it hurt like when she goes to the dentist and they have to put her cheek to sleep. I told her yup. Pretty much. So by Sunday evening she was ready to get them done again and begged us to take her that night to get them done. We told her she had to wait until the next day which was her birthday anyway and we would take her. But I told her that if we went and she decided that she didn't want to go through with it again then we weren't even going to talk about it until she was turning 7. She agreed and surprisingly she marched up there sat in the chair and didn't even flinch! Afterwards she was all smiles and for days would run in the bathroom and just stare at her earrings. She also insisted that her hair be pulled back every single day for about a week and a half so everyone could see them! Haha. It was pretty funny. She's pretty excited that next Monday she can take them out for the first time and she's going to use the birthday money she got to get another pair of earrings! I love having a girl who likes girlie things like I do! But she can also be a tomboy. I love that silly girl of mine! Happy 6th Birthday Boo!
I actually realized I didn't have a pic of her earrings so I just snapped this one really fast!
Way excited about her three story doll house!

She loves dress up

Tays was so cute being so excited for each and every present she got!

Excited to eat some cake!

Butterfly cake.

Thinking of her wish!

Love this girl!