Monday, February 7, 2011

Birthdays, Blessing, and Dance!

So this post is going to be another really long one. For some reason all the things that I always want to blog about happen all at once and then it takes me forever to put it on my blog! We had five birthdays all within a week. First was my sister Chalese's then my brother Jacob's, then Brynnlee's, and my Mom and my niece Kaylie. Brynnlee woke up on her birthday to her bedroom door and the kitchen decorated. She thought that was pretty cool! Maurcine and I had decorated the little table that the kids love to eat at. So they had Brynnlee's birthday breakfast (sad to say was just cereal) and Brynnlee opened some of her presents before her dad had to go to school. We then went to her cousin Kaylie's play group/birthday party. (Kaylie was born the day after Brynnlee!) I didn't think to take any pictures there but it was really fun. Brynnlee also danced at the North Fremont half time that night. So we were kind of running but here are some of the pics I took on her b-day.

Sunday was Brayden's blessing so we just waited until then to have Brynnlee's cake since both sides of the family would be there. Brynnlee wanted a Cinderella cake so that's what I attempted to do. It took forever to frost and of course I stayed up way too late the night before the blessing to finish it. But it was worth it! She thought it was pretty awesome cool. It was pretty heavy so I had my dad carry it into the other room.

My sweet little Brayden Austin Farley! Austin blessed him and it was so good! He always does such an amazing job. He never even sounds nervous! Brayden wore the same tuxedo that Tayson wore. So stinkin cute! And he was so good during the blessing. My dad said he was just staring up at Austin the whole time listening to the blessing. There was my brother Jacob, my brother Derek, my Dad, Austin (of course), his Dad, and his brother Kace that stood in the circle.

To celebrate all the birthdays that were going on we went bowling as a family and out to eat at JB's. Everyone was there except for my sister Keriana and her family and my Brother Derek. It was definately a large group!

Brynnlee has danced at three half times. Madison, South Fremont, and North Fremont. It's been so fun! I love their costumes! She has another recital coming up in March.