Thursday, February 11, 2010

Brynnlee's Birthday!

I can't believe my baby girl is 3! It seems like yesterday she was born. It's so amazing how much they grow in three short years. From being completely helpless, to completely independent! Way too independent most of the time! Her favorite things to do right now are, watch disney movies, Tinkerbell, any princess movie, pinocchio, I don't think there's a disney movie she's seen that she doesn't like. She loves helping with the dishes, baking anything and everything. Her favorite part is when she gets to crack the egg! She loves dress up. Still loves sleeping with mom and dad.....we're STILL working on that one. She loves her little brother and is usually very sweet with him. Although she also loves teasing him as often as she can. She's such a funny girl. For her bday I had ordered some tink and friends cake toppers that I was really excited about and stayed up until one in the morning the night before her birthday making my flowers out of frosting to decorate her cake with, just hoping that they would arrive just in time....well they never came. So I had to rush to Rexburg and buy toy story figurines since she also loves toy story and they were the only reasonably priced figurines, rush home cut the cake into a different shape and change the whole thing. But it all ended up fine and she loved it.

I think her favorite gift was the tent. She insisted on sleeping in it that night and that was the first time she slept all night in forever! Why didn't we buy a tent a year ago? But after that one sleepout she did in the living room, it's been back to sleeping with mom and dad for half the night. Apparently that's still cool to her. I can't wait until it becomes uncool. If that day ever comes!

Her cousin Kaylie was born the day after Brynnlee which is also their Grandma Flamm's birthday so we all went bowling to celebrate. Tays loved the car simulator the best. He kept running off and that's where we'd find him everytime! We had tons of fun!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Catching Up!

So I haven't posted anything since....well forever. So I'm just going to do one massive post to catch up and then hopefully I'll be better about posting.

So the month of November the highlights were, our 4 year anniversary, and Tayson turned one! I made a fire engine birthday cake which turned out way cute and as you can tell he LOVED it!

 I took Maurcine and Denae and some of their friends to the DaViD aRcHuLeTtA concert!! So of course I had to go, even though I messed up on the tickets and somehow ended up with a lone seat, but it was a good one! December of course was Christmas, and Tays did't love Santa too much, but this was the best pic I got.  And Kace came home from his mission!

January brought Austin's birthday...sorry no pics. And Derek Coming home!!! It's been a busy few months, but we've had tons of fun! And that's my update in a nutshell!