Thursday, May 28, 2009

Me and my not so green Green Thumb!

Ok, so we decided this last weekend to plant a garden. I forgot how much time and work goes into this! Saturday Austin was outside all day just getting the garden "ready" to plant! I had been inside cleaning all day, and by the time he announced it was time to plant I was already exhausted. So we went to the store to buy all of our seeds, me with no makeup and hadn't showered yet. So the whole time we're there, I'm hiding behind Austin and ducking in and out of the aisles. I thought I had done such a good job not seeing anyone and we were almost to the checkout. And who do we get in line behind? Nicolette Allen ( I forgot what her married name is!) And of course she looks so cute and her little girl looks darling with her hair all done and cute little clothes! And then there's me and Austin who's covered in dirt and Brynnlee who has no shoes on, her hair has clumps of dirt in it, and she's super tired and grouchy. Well, we finally got home and got our garden planted no thanks to me. Every step I had to ask Austin, "now how deep do I do these ones? How far apart do they have to be?" Or he would tell me "umm.. maybe spread them out just a little more than that." So pretty much he did it and I think I was just in the way, but we got it done and I finally did shower at eight o' clock that night! So here it is Thursday and do you think I can remember to water the stupid thing?! Good thing it rained the other day! Austin will text me all the time to try and remind me to water the garden, or shut off the water cause it's getting too much. And he checks on it all the time for me. I am one lucky gal to have such a hard working, good looking, patient stud for a husband!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What a week!

This past week has been absolutely crazy. We started out last Tuesday with three full days of training on computers. Blah. And I only actually did it for two days cause we ended up going to watch Austin's brother Bryten at state. Thursday morning we left bright and early and were off to Ontario Oregon. That is one long boring drive. We actually had a really fun time at state. It was perfect weather and our boys got second place! But do you think we could go anywhere out in public without something happening? Austin decided he wanted to watch the baseball game that was after Bryten's game, and offered to take Brynnlee with him. Little did he know that in the middle of the game she would fall into the net that is the backdrop of the ball diamond and get stuck! Right in front of a huge crowd! And as if that's not enough, she decided she wanted to play a little baseball herself so she ran past one of the dugouts, through some players legs and out onto the field, thus causing them to stop the game until Austin could run out there and grab her. Very very embarrassing. I was back at the hotel while all this took place and was so glad because I would've been mortified! So for the game the next day we decided we'd better hit up Wal-mart and get her some toys that would hopefully keep her busy. We bought her a plastic golf set for five bucks and some coloring pages and a few other little knick knacks. Things went pretty good until her and another little boy decided to hit each other with her golf clubs. But at least we made it through without stopping the baseball game for some reason or another. So Saturday was the championship game and we thought we definately had enough stuff to keep her busy, and we had taken her to the park and let her ride on the slide a billion times, so we thought for sure she would behave. Not long into the game she decided she wanted to run up the ramp, across the crowd and down the other ramp, behind the crowd and back up the first ramp again in one giant circle. All the while running into poor little old ladies who could barely keep their balance without a crazy two year old child running into them. Austin pre-occupied her with bubbles for about two minutes, but she decided that running around in that big circle would be much more fun. We finally had to resort to strapping her into her stroller. She started yelling for Daddy to help her! Of course we were just trying to ignore her so she says in her sweetest voice "Honey! Honey! Help me!" She knows calling her daddy honey gets him to melt in her hand. Well not this time. She finally just cried herself to sleep which was the most peaceful half hour we had all weekend. The game finally got over and by the time we left Ontario it was nine o' clock at night and we got home at two in the morning. It was ridiculous. Sunday was busy as always, then it was our big first day at the dentist office. Summer, Jessica and I were running around like chickens with our heads cut off all day. Trying so hard to remember our computer training, taking x-rays, doing exams, cleaning, babysitting people's kids that wouldn't leave our fun buttons alone while there mom's were getting their teeth cleaned, and trying not to pass out because it was so hot in our office and we have no control over the air conditioning! We all went home feeling sick and exhausted. Hopefully we'll be able to work out the kinks soon and things will be more organized! Wish us luck!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I finally did it!

Wow. I finally got this blog started. Well, actually Austin had to start it for his Family History class, so I just added some things and made it all cutesy (well tried to anyway). I decided it's quite a bit of work so hopefully I'll be able to keep up as good as everyone else! So as I was trying to figure everything out, I completely neglected my children! Brynnlee decided she wanted a big giant rice krispie treat, then she decided to color her arms purple! Thank goodness for washable markers. Poor Tayson just had to hang out while I was busy. But now it's all set up and hopefully I won't have to neglect them so much again!

I also wanted to add my testimony to Austin's. I am so grateful for the gospel in our lives, and for a husband who honors his priesthood. I have been teaching in the Doctrine and Covenants for my primary class and I have a testimony that Joseph Smith restored the gospel to the earth and that President Monson is our true prophet today. I love my Austin and my children so much and am so happy that I am sealed to them for eternity. I am also so grateful for the Atonement, and I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.