Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Another late post

So again it's been forever since a post. So sadly I am posting about Easter and Brynnlee's last dance concert. My camera also broke so I have tons of other pictures and things to write about but they are all either on Austin's new phone (which sadly has more megapixels than my camera did anyway) or on my Dad's camera. So I need to download them to my computer sometime and then I will have more to blog about. But I also want to keep things in order so I will start with Easter and Brynnlee's dance recital which she did awesome at! I was so proud of her! She knew every move and had a big smile on her face the whole time.

I love how it looks like Brayden is trying to steal Tayson's candy while acting completely innocent.

Brynnlee with her Easter stuff

Tays with his Easter stuff

Right before their I'm a little Teapot dance

Her class watching the other girls dance

Brynnlee and her teacher Michelle Ashton

Brynnlee and "Grandma Reta" and of course her Rapunzel Doll that she was SO... excited about!! (Don't judge me. I totally bribed her with that to make sure she would do her dance!)

Brynnlee and Grandpa Farley

Brynnlee and Dad

Brynnlee and mom

Brynnlee with your rose her daddy got for her for her final performance!