Thursday, July 30, 2009

SEXY and a chain saw

What is it about a hot guy with a chain saw? Austin informed me the other day that he decided to cut down our two huge pine trees in our yard. I've wanted to get rid of them for quite a while so I was way excited! Before I was home from work he had all the branches off one and had cut the top off, (barely missing our house I heard), and had started on the second one. My brother got some pictures of the first one being cut down, but I only have ones of the second one so when I get the other ones I'll post them on here too. When he cut the tip off the first one, it barely missed the house and then the point of it stuck in the ground, and is still stuck there because it's in there a good six inches. Yikes. Glad I wasn't there cause knowing my luck I would've been standing right there watching a giant christmas tree coming at my head! I did get a video of the second one and just watching that one made me nervous! Why do men insist on being MEN? Nothing scares them and they don't take any precautions! Austin liked to stand OUTSIDE of the railing that is built for keeping you in the basket and somewhat safe. Or he was standing ON it to get a better angle! Whatever. I'm just glad I didn't watch my husband fall to his death! Thanks hon, for all your hard work! I swore I would take pictures of Brynnlee and Tayson at the 24th Parade since I didn't take any of the 4th, so here are a few.