Monday, November 8, 2010

Finally a post!

So I'm always horrible about blogging. There's been so much that's been going on I wish I could remember it all! Here are a few of the most recent pics!

Brynnlee showing off her cougar shirt that she made all by herself!

We took the kids to a pumpkin patch and they had a cute little maze that they thought was pretty cool.

This donkey was hilarious. He kept scaring the kids.

Brynnlee carving her pumpkin with Grandpa. She thought it was "Pretty Awesome Cool!" (Her very favorite saying at the moment!)

Trunk or Treating with Maurcine! Brynnlee insisted on having her face painted so we did butterfly wings over her eyes. You can't really tell in the picture but it was actually pretty cute.

Brynnlee and Tays took it upon themselves to give out candy to all the trick or treaters. Instead of letting them come to the door and knock she insisted that it was better if she stood on the porch so she could see them coming.

Supergirl and superman

I finally finished their capes two days before! They are both actually reversable and on the other side Brynnlee's has a crown with the letter B in the center for princess Brynnlee and Tayson's has the superman symbol with a T for super Tayson! Sorry no pic of the other sides of their capes.

They of course wanted to trick or treat at Grandma's too!

My sister had a nun costume and we thought it would be kinda funny if I wore it and was a pregnant nun. Brynnlee looks pretty disappointed in me!

The pregnant nun and her superkids!

This was right before going trick or treating. My sister Chalese (clown) My kids, My brother Jacob (the wizard), My sister-in-law Krista(glenda the good witch) My nephew Aaron (cowardly lion) and My neice Kaylie (dorothy).

Austin was supposed to be a preacher but didn't get home in time to dress up before we went out trick or treating. Oh well. I got some pretty funny looks when people realized I was a PREGNANT nun! I can't take credit though. It was my sister's idea!