Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What a great Easter Weekend it was! I got zero pictures of my kids at the hotel, or with their cousins, or having their easter egg hunt. I did video tape them, but no pictures. We went to Orem to visit my two sisters and brother. It was so great to be with family over Easter and listen to Conference. Wasn't it amazing?! I love conference. And I didn't even fall asleep during any of it! Haha. I find that if I sit there with a notepad and pen, I get a lot more out of it and the time flies by! I used to think conference lasted so long! Now it seems like it goes so fast! I'm just so grateful for my testimony of the gospel and my husband and children. Family is so important and I have been so blessed with such a great one! A wonderful worthy husband who even though he had tons and tons of homework, sat there and watched conference with me and went to the priesthood session that night, then stayed up doing his homework really late. I must say I am glad to be back home and trying to get my kids back on a normal schedule though! It's funny how a little vacation can mess up their sleeping so much! I guess I do have one pic of Brynnlee the day after we got home and found snow covering the ground! And I thought we had put our snow clothes away for good! Ha. That's Idaho for ya! The pics of the snowman were actually from about a month ago. Brynnlee had never made one before so we finally did and she loved it! Oh and Brynnlee loves taking pictures of her feet and her baby brother. They both run around the house giggling and snapping pictures. I have to delete quite a few cause half the time I'm in my bathrobe with no makeup on. Very scary! So here is some of her work!