Wednesday, September 16, 2009


So I've totally been slacking on my blog posting! I read everyone else's and they're all cute and lots of pictures and they even have time to change their layout! ( Summer so cute by the way!) And then there's me. This past month has been pretty crazy. I don't even know if crazy is the right word. Austin got offered a job working in Washington, which we're so grateful for since he had run out of work, but it stinks that he is 10 1/2 hours away in a little po-dunk town called CleElum. It's about 80 miles outside of Seattle I guess. Anyways, I've actually been super lucky cause he's surprised me a couple of times and come home when I didn't know he was going to which is nice, but I feel like when he's home we don't even get to spend any time together! He gets home at about two in the morning usually on a Friday and then he's exhausted the next day cause he just worked a full day and then drove home, but he tries so hard to get up and play with the kids and spend time with us. But it seems like we spend the whole time unpacking him, cleaning out his cooler, doing his laundry, going to the store, repacking him, and sending him off on Sunday again. So pretty much it stinks. But like I said we are very grateful he has a job. Being a single mom is definately not something I ever want to have to do. It's so weird to come home and do everything by myself and the kids. I definately miss my hubby and can't wait to see him again! I love you hon! I must say I do have great friends though. We've been trying to do something at least once a week so I'm not so terribly lonely. Thanks guys! We went to the usual spot to watch the homecoming parade which was extremely short, but the kids didn't care. They got quite a bit of candy and saw the cougar! What more could they want? Try having all those kinds look at you at the same time...pretty much impossible!