Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The last year in fast forward

So I promised everyone I would be better about blogging since we moved here to California... but the problem is that I'm awful at taking pictures of my kids and I hate blog posts without pictures! So I need to work on that. Anyway it's been a year since I posted last which is so sad! We must be extremely boring people! So I'll try and at least think of the highlights of this past year and go with that. Brynnlee started pre-school with my good friend Karolyn Clark and she loved it! Karolyn was so sweet to offer to do a trade with me. She would have Brynnlee in pre-school if I would watch her sweet little baby Maelynn during pre-school. We got so close to this sweet little girl this past year and just love her to death! Tayson turned 3, Brayden turned 1 and Brynnlee turned 5!! I can't believe I have a five year old and I especially can't believe I have 3 kids! Yikes! Austin had a small Embollic Stroke March 30, 2012, just one week before he graduated.  It was a pretty scary thing getting woke up by a phone call at 6:15am with one of the guys he plays ball with telling me that Austin was not responding and that they had called an ambulance and I'd better hurry over. After doing some testing they found out it was a stroke, but after doing more tests they couldn't figure out why it happened. Usually for someone his age to have this happen they have a hole in their heart or have had an anurism which he had neither. But he is ok and was given the most AMAZING blessing by his dad! He is on blood thinners and will have to do blood tests every few weeks, and sometime this summer we will find out if he has hypercoagulism (not sure if that's how it's spelled) and if he does he will be on blood thinners for the rest of his life...if not then he's a medical mystery! But we feel so blessed that the problems he had initially with the stoke have gone away and he is feeling and acting normal. Thank goodness! Because if any of you know Austin and know his personality, seeing him in the ER giggling and being pretty chatty was a pretty frightening experience! So right in the middle of all of his eckocardiograms and MRI's and MRA's of his brain..... he GRADUATED!!! It is so crazy that it finally happened! It's been our life for the last four years and I can't believe it's over... well sort of. He graduated with his Bachelors in Accounting, but  he is going to go on and get his masters. But that is something he can work on while he is working and it will be paid for by the company! So we found out in March that he got accepted for his internship in Bakersfield, CA working for a large company that does forensic accounting. Sounds super cool like something from CSI or something but they do a lot of legal stuff that he's not allowed to even tell me about so..... whatever. We moved here the 25th of April and Austin started his internship May 1st. So far he's super busy but  loves it and we'll find out for sure if he gets one of the open positions sometime this summer. If he does he'll go right into that since he graduated and doesn't have to go back for any school after the internship. I must say I'm pretty proud of the guy and amazed that he could go to school full time (and get a couple of 4.0 semesters! I think his overall for all four years was 3.8), work, and be an amazing husband and father. So that's everything that's happened since my last post. So hopefully I'll be better about posting.....we'll see!